REGIONAL NETWORK:   Asia & Australasia

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The regional network for Asia and Australasia comprises STAR-IDAZ partners from Australia (Regional Network Coordinator), China, India, Russia, New Zealand and Japan. The aim of the network is the same as that of the STAR-IDAZ project (sharing information and improved collaboration) but at a regional level.

The group will meet twice a year, once in conjunction with the STAR-IDAZ consortium and a second time in between STAR-IDAZ meetings which will be scheduled to coincide with other animal health related meetings in the region. Representatives from non-STAR-IDAZ partner countries in the Asian and Australasian region will be invited to attend the separate regional meetings.

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GFRA Newsletter issue 5

GFRA Newsletter May 2016

Download the latest newsletter from the GFRA – Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance.

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IRC Launch

Launch of the STAR-IDAZ International Research Consortium (IRC) on Animal Health

Animal diseases can cause serious social, economic and environmental damage, impact on animal welfare and in some cases directly threaten human health. These diseases ignore borders. Livestock provides one third of human protein intake so working together to develop new control methods for the disease problems that are common to countries around the world is [...]

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World Bank climate-sensitive disease risks

Reducing Climate-Sensitive Disease Risks

A discussion paper produced by the Agriculture and Environmental Services Department of the World Bank. “This study focuses on livestock diseases that are “sensitive” to climate change, with a view to help practitioners reduce the risks of key climate-sensitive infectious diseases by strengthening risk management systems for disease outbreaks. The three diseases chosen for the [...]

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GFRA, Scientific Meeting, Seoul, South Korea

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17th Indian Veterinary Congress & XXIV Annual Conference of IAAVR

17th Indian Veterinary Congress & XXIV Annual Conference of Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research (IAAVR) & National Symposium “New Generation Vaccines, Diagnostics for Improvement of Animal & Poultry Health & Productivity vis-à-vis Genomic Interventions for the Societal Benefit.” [Rescheduled]. Contact: Dr. Rishendra Verma Email:

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Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres for Asia and the Pacific

The global network of OIE Reference Centre is the central core of the OIE’s scientific excellence. In 2016, OIE has a global network of Reference Centers consisting of 260 Reference Laboratories, covering 119 Diseases or Topics in 39 Countries, and 51 Collaborating Centers covering 46 Topic in 26 countries.  In Asia and the Pacific region, [...]

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