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Orf – review of a re-emerging disease of sheep and goats

(01/06/2018) Orf disease is endemic in small ruminants in Asia, Africa, and some other parts of the world. Caused by orf virus, it is highly contagious in small ruminants.

Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium bovis Infection: the Badger Model As a Paradigm for Understanding Tuberculosis in Animals

(15/01/2018) A review of the how knowledge of pathogenesis can be used to evaluate intervention strategies, and how the badger can be a model for understanding pathogenesis of tuberculosis in any affected wild animal species.

STAR-IDAZ IRC Newsletter, March 2018

Showing activities of the IRC, Scientific Committee and SIRCAH in recent months.

Molecular epidemiology, evolution and phylogeny of foot-and-mouth disease virus

(02/02/2018) Using nucleotide sequencing technologies, the rapid evolution of the viral genome can be followed, allowing tracing of virus transmission pathways within an outbreak

Swine enteric coronavirus disease: A review of 4 years with porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus and porcine deltacoronavirus in the United States and Canada

(02/02/2018) A review of the characteristics of these viruses, and challenges for future management and potential eradication.

Development of rapid immunochromatographic strip test for the detection of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus

(09/10/2017) A rapid test kit that is specific and sensitive to PEDV is critical to monitoring this disease on pig farms.

Recombinant anticoccidial vaccines – a cup half full?

(November 2017) A review of the existing options for control of Eimeria parasites of chickens, exploring the candidates available for including in sub-unit or recombinant anticoccidial vaccines.

Risk factors for human brucellosis in Northern Tanzania

(11/12/2017) Risk factors for brucellosis included assisting goat or sheep births and having contact with cattle

Transmission of African swine fever virus from infected pigs by direct contact and aerosol routes

(November 2017) A European strain of ASFV can be efficiently transmitted via direct contact and by aerosols

African swine fever: A re-emerging viral disease threatening the global pig industry

(03/01/2018) The continued spread of ASFV in Africa and Europe demonstrates a potential for further spread in other regions of the world.