External News

Swine enteric coronavirus disease: A review of 4 years with porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus and porcine deltacoronavirus in the United States and Canada

(02/02/2018) A review of the characteristics of these viruses, and challenges for future management and potential eradication.

STAR-IDAZ IRC Newsletter, March 2018

Showing activities of the IRC, Scientific Committee and SIRCAH in recent months.

Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium bovis Infection: the Badger Model As a Paradigm for Understanding Tuberculosis in Animals

(15/01/2018) A review of the how knowledge of pathogenesis can be used to evaluate intervention strategies, and how the badger can be a model for understanding pathogenesis of tuberculosis in any affected wild animal species.

Veterinary vaccine nanotechnology: pulmonary and nasal delivery in livestock animals

(21/06/2017) Review of nanoparticles administered via the nasal or pulmonary routes for veterinary applications in livestock including poultry

Reducing antimicrobial use in food animals

(29/09/2017) An assessment of global policies that could potentially help limit the projected increase of antimicrobial use in livestock.

Fasciola and fasciolosis in ruminants in Europe: Identifying research needs

(06/10/2017) This review includes transmission, diagnosis, epidemiology and the economic impact of fasciolosis, the spread of resistance to anthelmintics and vaccine development.

Development of rapid immunochromatographic strip test for the detection of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus

(09/10/2017) A rapid test kit that is specific and sensitive to PEDV is critical to monitoring this disease on pig farms.

Current status and future prospective of vaccine development against Echinococcus granulosus.

( 31/10/2017) A review giving comprehensive insights upon the current status of vaccination trials against E. granulosus, and also articulate some perspectives on the production of novel anti-cystic echinococcosis vaccines.

Recombinant anticoccidial vaccines – a cup half full?

(November 2017) A review of the existing options for control of Eimeria parasites of chickens, exploring the candidates available for including in sub-unit or recombinant anticoccidial vaccines.

Airborne transmission of highly pathogenic influenza virus during processing of infected poultry

(November 2017) Airborne transmission of HPAI viruses can occur among poultry and from poultry to humans during home or live-poultry market slaughter of infected poultry.