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Behaviour of free ranging wild boar towards their dead fellows: potential implications for the transmission of African swine fever

(31/05/17) Study found no evidence for cannibalism; contacts mainly consisted of rooting near or underneath the carcasses

Optimal surveillance strategies for bovine tuberculosis in a low-prevalence country

(23/06/2017) Using Uruguay as an example, this paper explores the potential for risk-based (targeted) surveillance to improve the cost-effectiveness of bTB management.

A thermostable presentation of the live, attenuated peste des petits ruminants vaccine in use in Africa and Asia

(27/06/2017) Promising vaccine shows sufficient thermostability for use without a cold chain for up to 30 days, which would facilitate the delivery of vaccination in the global eradication of PPR.

Protective efficacy of multivalent replication-abortive vaccine strains in horses against African horse sickness virus challenge

(24/07/2017) A new generation of vaccines made using reverse genetics show potential for protecting against all strains of AHSV.

Current Status of Rift Valley Fever Vaccine Development (19/09/2017)

Routine or strategic vaccination of livestock could be the best control approach for preventing the outbreak and spread of the disease in future.

Phylogeography of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

(9/01/2017) The history of this virus shows considerable mobility, and dynamic evolution and biogeography, emphasizing its potential to spread beyond its current range.

Potential economic impact assessment for cattle parasites in Mexico. A review

(16/01/2017) The yearly economic loss due to the six major parasites of cattle in Mexico was estimated to be US$ 1.41 billion.

An economic evaluation of intervention strategies for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)

(1/11/2016) Loss reductions achieved by biosecurity were significant: vaccination was the least cost-effective intervention practices considered.