External News

Modelling the consequences of targeted selective treatment strategies on performance and emergence of anthelmintic resistance amongst grazing calves

(16/11/2016) strong support for TST (targeted selective treatments), with all strategies showing improvements on calves treated selectively, compared with whole-herd treatment

Global partnership launched to prevent epidemics with new vaccines

(19/01/2017) Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to target new vaccines for emerging diseases, including Nipah, MERS and Lassa fever

Advances in peste des petits ruminants vaccines, 17/1/2017

A review (by N. Kumar, S. Barua, T. Riyesh, and B. N. Tripathi) comprehensively describing the latest developments in PPR vaccines.

Applying proteomics to tick vaccine development: where are we? 23/2/2017

A review (by M. Villar, A. Marina, & J. de la Fuente) of proteomic approaches for discovery of tick and pathogen derived protective antigens, and the design of effective vaccines to control tick infestations and pathogen infection and transmission.

Bluetongue: control, surveillance and safe movement of animals

(08/03/2017) The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a Scientific Opinion on bluetongue, reviewing control measures for the disease and options for safe trade of animals from infected to free areas.

Scientists join forces to halt the spread of African swine fever in Europe

(08/03/2017) The Pirbright Institute hosted an international workshop as part of its support for ASF-STOP Cost Action – a network launched in 2016 to tackle African swine fever.

Porcine Rotaviruses: Epidemiology, Immune Responses and Control Strategies (31/3/2017)

A.N. Vlasova; J.O. Amimo; L.J. Saif. 2017 Viruses, 9(3), 48; doi:10.3390/v9030048

Porcine Rotaviruses: Epidemiology, Immune Responses and Control Strategies (31/3/2017)

A review of recent research to provide insights on historic and current prevalence and genetic diversity of porcine RVs in different geographic regions and production systems.

Early Decision Indicators for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreaks in Non-Endemic Countries

(30/11/2016) Relatively simple metrics available early in a control program can be used to indicate the likely magnitude of an FMD outbreak

Emergence of Brucella suis in dogs in New South Wales, Australia: clinical findings and implications for zoonotic transmission.

(16/01/17) Brucellosis is an emerging disease of dogs in NSW with the principal risk being involvement in feral pig hunting.