Vaccinology (tools and technologies)

Vaccinology (tools and technologies)

Vaccinology is a field of microbiology and immunology covering vaccine development as well as the use of vaccines and their effects on animal health and public health. Developing vaccines is central to the control of infectious diseases of animals and new vaccines have the potential to reduce antibiotic use, prevent losses in livestock production and protect people from zoonotic infections.

The International Veterinary Vaccinology Network is a multidisciplinary vaccinology research and development community that addresses the challenges impeding vaccine discovery, evaluation and delivery and that help the control of priority livestock and zoonotic diseases in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs). It aims to help international researchers collaborate in addressing the challenges of vaccine development for major livestock and zoonotic diseases affecting agriculture in LMICs. This includes all species of agricultural importance in LMICs with an emphasis on molecular and cellular biology work relevant to vaccine development. The network brings together partners from academia, industry and other sectors.

The Immunological Toolbox aims to act as the central repository to store information on the location, supply and applicability of veterinary immune reagents and associated methods.

The Candidate Vaccine Development Roadmap (click on the icon to the right) outlines the key steps in developing candidate vaccines.

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