“Global Strategic Alliances for the Coordination of Research on the Major Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses”

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OFFLU Global Animal Influenza Research Agenda

OFFLU and STAR-IDAZ have partnered to develop a strategic agenda for animal influenza research. The initiative takes a global perspective and aligns the priorities of key stakeholders with interests in funding research, conducting research, and benefitting from the outputs of research. Paris, 8-9 April 2014 – OFFLU and STAR-IDAZ convened a group of 60 key contributors to the field of influenza including animal health and public health scientists; representatives from animal production and trade (poultry, egg, and pork); the pharmaceutical sector; equine sports; policy advisers; and representatives from research funding bodies. By way of structured group work and using feedback from a survey sent out prior to the consultation, the experts developed their vision for animal influenza research and identified areas of research which are currently of highest [...]

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World Bank climate-sensitive disease risks

Reducing Climate-Sensitive Disease Risks

A discussion paper produced by the Agriculture and Environmental Services Department of the World Bank. “This study focuses on livestock diseases that are “sensitive” to climate change, with a view to help practitioners reduce the risks of key climate-sensitive infectious diseases by strengthening risk management systems for disease outbreaks. The three diseases chosen for the study—Rift Valley fever, Bluetongue, and East Coast fever—spread through “vectors” such as insects and parasites, the prevalence of which fluctuates depending on key weather and climate variables such as temperature and humidity. As the symptoms of climate change continue, the frequency and extent of these diseases are expected to escalate.” Dr. Juergen Voegele [SOURCE: World Bank, April 2014]  

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Africa & Middle East Network

Meeting Future Research Needs on Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses – A Global Foresight Exercise

STAR-IDAZ has conducted foresight studies as part of its objective to improve coordination of research activities on the major infectious diseases of animals (including zoonoses) to hasten the delivery of improved control methods. The aim of these studies was to identify the scientific and technological needs, including research capacity and support structures to prevent, control or mitigate animal health and zoonotic challenges for 2030 and beyond. Foresight workshops were initially conducted in the Americas involving consideration of scenarios developed in Canada, Asia and Australasia based on the seven questions method, and in Europe involving scenario building and back-casting.  Following these regional exercises, critical drivers already identified in a range of other related foresight projects were classified under eight categories and the top 3 – 5 drivers in each [...]

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STAR-IDAZ Vaccinology Survey

STAR-IDAZ members identified  Vaccinology as one of the  areas requiring collaborative activities at a global level. The BBSRC as part of work-package 4  is conducting a survey of global research activities, gaps and future needs in Veterinary Vaccinology to inform the development of future collaborative activities and identify potential members and key stakeholders for a Network in veterinary vaccinology. If you work or fund work in this area please follow the link to contribute. Please make sure your country’s needs are represented! Survey link: http://www.keysurvey.co.uk/f/489964/6ae7/

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AH Surveillance

2nd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance

Second announcement – ICAHS2 – Call for papers now open! Authors are now coridally invited to submit papers to be presented at ICAHS2, 7-9 May 2014. The deadline for paper submissions is 1 December 2013. Similar to the first ICAHS in 2011, ICAHS2 will provide a platform for discussion and interaction among surveillance stakeholders – researchers, risk managers, animal health managers and other decision makers – to foster a better dialog between science and policy in the field of animal health surveillance. The conference will include both discussions about scientific and technical issues and will also explore how scientists and policy makers can collaborate to facilitate the implementation of effective and efficient surveillance methods. The overarching theme for ICAHS2 is “Surveillance against the odds”, a theme that encompasses [...]

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10th IVIS, Milan

The 10th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium will take place in Milan, Italy from 28th August – 1st September, 2013. For further information please visit http://www.ivis2013.org/

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WAAVP Perth 2013

The 24th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology will be held at the Perth Exhibition Centre, Perth, Western Australia 25-29 August 2013.  Registration opens 7 January 2013; Abstracts close 31 March 2013; Abstract notification 19April 2013; Early Bird registrations closes 30 April 2013. Please visit the conference website www.waavp2013perth.com for further information and how to register.

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MedVetNet Conference – One health, one medicine: sharing challenges for combating zoonoses

MedVetNet 2013 is for human and animal health researchers working in the field of food-borne zoonoses using the One Health – One Medicine approach. Much of the work done through this approach has been cross-disciplinary – including a variety of sectors – and its implications reach beyond the study & removal of zoonoses. The meeting aims to present the broad range of disciplines relevant to the One Health approach, as well as keynotes dedicated to combining these disciplines to faciliate economic development in the zoonotically plagued regions. The meeting offers three key-note speakers addressing the One Health approach for development, epidemiology, and economics. Several other presenters will delve into the details of 4 main disciplines within zoonoses; for more information, please see the tentative programme. Note that all [...]

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IADG Background and 14th Annual Meeting

Inter-Agency Donor Group (IADG) on pro-poor livestock research and development. Founding Principles:  At present, there is no formal global mechanism by which donors who support work on livestock research and development can communicate or coordinate their efforts, although many share common goals and outputs in their separate programmes. To address this deficiency, livestock advisers and managers from public and private sector donor and major implementing agencies, known collectively as the ‘inter-Agency Donor Group’, have met informally on an annual basis for the past 13 years in order to; i) share intelligence on contemporary issues facing livestock development ; ii) promote innovative and collaborative approaches to pro-poor livestock research ( new technologies, policies, practices) in the fields of animal health, animal production and public health;  and iii) facilitate a [...]

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International PRRS Symposium

The International Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Symposium for 2013 will be held in Beijing. Please visit http://www.prrssymposium.org/ for more information.

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