Research Publications

Mapping of 31 097 animal health related scientific publications on the ISI Web of Science  from January 2006 to October 2010 according to disease/pathogen group, scientific discipline, animal species group, research organisation and country. This database allows users to identify the major research institutes publishing on a specific topic across and within countries and to visualise and analyse collaborations between research institutes based on their co-publications.

Developed by: EMIDA ERA-NET Work Package 2 & STAR-IDAZ Work Package 2.

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Research Organisations

Details of the major research institutes, funding organisations, research programmes and experimental infrastructures in STAR-IDAZ partner countries.

Developed by: STAR-IDAZ, Work Package 2.

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Bibliometric Collaborations

Numbers of publications in the field of infectious diseases of animals and zoonoses from 2008-2013 on the Web Of Science® sortable by pathogen and host animal species and the geographical origin of the publication including multiple countries where transnational collaboration has occured.

Database developed by: Marjolaine Gautret (INRA), Thierry Pineau (INRA), André Jestin (Anses), Christian Ducrot (INRA) under Work Package 2
Contact: When using this data please reference:   Ducrot C., Gautret M., Pineau T., Jestin A. 2015. Scientific literature on infectious diseases affecting livestock animals – Longitudinal worldwide bibliometric analysis. Veterinary Research (in press)

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European Research Projects

European animal health and welfare research projects funded by EMIDA and CWG partners from 2008 onwards. The projects can be searched according to research area, disease, pathogen, animal species, country, end date and by full-text.

Developed by: CWG and EMIDA ERA-NET.

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Link to the DISCONTOOLS (DISease CONtrol TOOLS) animal disease database which provides profiles of animal diseases and information including disease analysis, product and disease gap analysis, new developments for products, a scoring sheet and a prioritisation model for a particular disease or multiple diseases for comparison.

Developed by: DISCONTOOLS, Work Packages 2, 3 and 5.

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