Biotic concerns in generating molecular diagnosis matrixes for 4 avian viruses

Irit Davidson from the STAR-IDAZ scientific committee published this paper  BIOTIC – JVM pdf in 2019 on the “Biotic concerns in generating molecular diagnosis with emphasis on Marek’s disease virus” in the Journal of Virological Methods.

The paper discusses the biotic factors and the complexities that became evident with the evolution of the novel molecular diagnostic assays with emphasis on 4 avian viruses, chicken anemia, infectious laryngotracheitis, turkey meningoencephalitis, but mainly on Marek’s disease virus.

“To create a biologically meaningful diagnosis, attention should be dedicated to various biotic factors and not only of the diagnostic assay. Included among the important factors are:
(a) the sample examined and the sampling strategy
(b) the outcomes of the pathogen amplification ex vivo
(c) the sampling time and its reflection on the disease diagnosis
(d) the impact of simultaneous multiple virus-infections regarding the ability to demonstrate all pathogens and inter- and intra-interactions between the pathogens.”

“A concerted consideration of the relevant factors and the use of advanced molecular diagnostic assay would yield biologically significant
diagnosis in real-time that would beneficiate the poultry industry.”


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