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STAR-IDAZ Milestone 20 Report

Research Roadmap Development for Alternatives to Antibiotics Report

African Swine Fever Virus Report Summary & Roadmaps

Global Veterinary Vaccinology Research and Innovation Landscape Survey Report, January 2022

Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Gap Analysis Report, December 2018

2022 African Swine Fever Virus Research Review

Winter 2021 STAR-IDAZ IRC Newsletter

Annual state-of-the-art report on animal health research on IRC priorities, September 2021

2021 Animal Influenza Research Review

A detailed review, commissioned by STAR-IDAZ IRC, of the recent literature published on animal influenza viruses and information on current research projects.

Animal Influenza Research Review 25 April 2022


Animal Influenza Research Review 25 April 2022