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European Animal Health Strategic Research Agenda: 2017 update

Update to the 2015 ANIHWA SRA for Animal Health in Europe

Spring 2018


Open data, IP and early engagement with industry – 2018

This policy developed by SIRCAH relates to open data, intellectual property and early engagement with industry, to promote knowledge creation together with its disclosure and exploitation to achieve a fair allocation of rights, to reward innovation and to speed up the development of new and improved animal health strategies. It aims to provide a clear statement for IRC-funded scientists relating to the protection and use of intellectual property through patents.



Report mapping existing initiatives in Working Group (WG) fields 2017/18

This document is produced by the Secretariat of the STAR-IDAZ International Research Consortium
on Animal Health (SIRCAH) for the task: T3.3.2 – Map existing initiatives in Working Group (WG) fields
with input from IRC members and stakeholders

IRC Communication Plan


Summer 2017


SIRCAH Description of Work – Annex 1B of the Grant Agreement

STAR-IDAZ Data Sharing Statement

IRC Policies and Guidelines