Report Type: Report

STAR-IDAZ Final Report

Overview of all project outputs and achievements (March 2015)


Strategic Research Agenda: Meeting Future Research Needs on Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses

The scientific, technological and related needs to prevent, control or mitigate animal health and zoonotic challenges in the next 20 years. Produced as a deliverable 5.2 under Work Package 5 of STAR-IDAZ.


Report on Bibliometric Study (2006-2013) on Animal Infectious Diseases

Report by INRA based on the updated STAR-IDAZ Publication Database which includes papers from around the world published from 2006 through 2013. The analysis aims to describe the research subjects and international collaborations in the field of infectious diseases of production animals at the country level. Produced as Deliverable 2.3 under Work Package 2 of STAR-IDAZ.

WP4 Report on Veterinary Vaccinology

WP4 report on a survey completed by STAR-IDAZ Partners to help map the current research activities and identify key players in veterinary vaccinology; identify current research gaps and needs with the vision of developing a coordinated global research Network in veterinary vaccinology; and identify the aims and objectives of such a Network

WP2 Report on the Research Organisation Database

Work Package 2 report on the structure of, and information collected through, the Research Organisation Database

WP5 Report: Criteria for Priority Setting

WP5 report on the methodology needed to set criteria for priority setting to be used for developing a strategic research agenda for global animal disease research for the next 5 to 15 years. Addresses Milestone MS33

Related INCO & ERA-NETs

International Networks (INCO-NETs & ERA-NETs) Related to STAR-IDAZ


Inventory of Foresight Methodologies and Studies

Work Package 5 report based on the results of the WP5 questionnaire and survey of STAR-IDAZ partners

Analysis of research output in partner countries (2006-2010)

Work Package 2 report based on the STAR-IDAZ Publications Database on infectious diseases in farmed animals


External Communication and Dissemination Strategy

Milestone #5