Report Type: Resources

IRC Posters

STAR-IDAZ Data Sharing Statement

Memorandum of Understanding

Sample MoU for the STAR-IDAZ Network


Report on Delphi Study

Expert views on European research needs regarding emerging infectious animal diseases: results of a Delphi study conducted for EMIDA


Report on STRAW

Final report on the EMIDA Strategic Research Agenda Workshop.

Strategic Research Agenda – Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock: 10-15 Year Outlook

A common strategic animal health research agenda for Europe based on shared priorities. Includes an Action Plan for maintenance of the strategic research agenda and an Action Plan for joint trans-national programmes – produced by the FPU for EMIDA


STAR-IDAZ – Description of Work

Latest version of Annex l to the Grant Agreement (28/4/2011)