State of the art report 2019

The Annual state-of-the-art report on animal health research on IRC priorities is published and available on Reports section of this web site under IRC. The aim of this report is to provide STAR-IDAZ IRC members, as well as other animal health stakeholders, with an overview of the existing opportunities for speeding up research and to boost collaboration in the sector, and to provide an overview of the latest discoveries on priority animal health diseases. Overall, this will support the decisions of policy makers and research funders, to accelerate coordinated development of control methods internationally.
The first part of the report covers recent initiatives taken to speed up R&D, to facilitate transnational collaborations and recent infrastructures and databases to facilitate R&D respectively. Information was collected by researching the internet and bibliographic databases with relevant keywords and collecting information from the SIRCAH partners. The fourth Chapter reports on recent research developments on IRC priority diseases. For each disease, information about existing global research coordination networks is provided, and a collection of the main information on identified research gaps was derived from the DISCONTOOLS database. Lastly, a selection of promising innovations or major research outcomes, published in scientific journals over the past three years were identified through a scan of the scientific literature in the CAB Abstracts database using specific key words for each of the priority diseases.

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