STAR-IDAZ IRC and the Global AMR R&D Hub Collaboration

As part of the global initiative to control and counteract the effects of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), today, STAR-IDAZ IRC and the Global AMR R&D Hub [] have entered a collaboration partnership. The partnership is based on their common interest to strengthen global research efforts and reduce duplication of research on priority infectious diseases of animals relevant to AMR.

This joint effort includes the exchange and dissemination of relevant AMR R&D expertise, information and data in animal health and supports more efficient use of international resources through the identification of gaps, overlaps and potential for cross-sectoral collaboration.

The partnership recognises that collaboration in research is essential for tackling the global rise of AMR which threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

Dr Elmar Nimmesgern, who leads the Global AMR R&D Hub Secretariat, said “We are delighted to enter our first formal collaboration agreement with STAR-IDAZ IRC, who have already been a valuable partner by supporting the development of the animal health-specific categorization fields of the Dynamic Dashboard that was recently launched”  Dashboard ,  AH Newsletter .

Dr Alex Morrow, who leads the Secretariat for the STAR IDAZ IRC, said “This is a significant partnership to forward international efforts to counteract AMR. We are excited to join efforts in advancing the knowledge about AMR R&D investments in animal health, recognising that this is a ‘one-health’ issue needing a coordinated approach involving research from both veterinary and human medicine working together”.

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