State-of-the-art Report article

An article published in the OIE Bulletin , by S. Messori describes the work of the STAR-IDAZ IRC and provides the background to the State-of-the-art Report. The aim of this report is to provide STAR-IDAZ IRC Members (i.e., public and private research funders, as well as other animal health stakeholders) with an overview of the existing opportunities for speeding up research, fostering collaboration, and providing an outline of the latest discoveries on priority animal health diseases. Overall, this can support the decisions of policymakers and research funders to accelerate coordinated development of control methods at the international level. the report provides information about existing global research coordination networks and identified research gaps, and a selection of recent major research outcomes published in scientific journals. This is completed with information on ongoing research efforts on these priorities, collected from STAR-IDAZ IRC members and stakeholders. The report can be seen here

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