Veterinary Vaccinology Landscape Survey: Community Consultation

UKRI-BBSRC, on behalf of the veterinary vaccinology research funders and programme owners, are consulting the research community (including those in academia, funding agencies, industry and others) on the current veterinary vaccinology research and innovation needs, as well as the future perspectives. The overall purpose is to gain a better understanding of the priorities, gaps, and barriers in the research and innovation of veterinary vaccines globally. This consultation will help inform future veterinary vaccinology strategy for funding research and development.

The Survey has been endorsed by  a number of national and international bodies, including STAR-IDAZ IRC, International Union of Immunological Societies, International Veterinary Vaccinology Network, British Society for Immunology, American Association of Veterinary Immunologists, and Medical Research Council.

The survey report is published on the UKRI website (link provided below). The report from the survey will be shared with other research funders for further dissemination.

This survey comprises 47 questions, but those taking the survey are not required to answer all the questions, and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey.

To complete the survey, please see: Veterinary Vaccinology Landscape Survey.

The survey will remain open until 19 July 2021.