Report Type: Gap Analysis

Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Gap Analysis Report, December 2018

Heartwater: Potential Worldwide Threats for Livestock. Gap Analysis Workshop Report, October 2018

GARA Gap Analysis Report 2018

GRAbTB Roadmap for a candidate vaccine for bTB

Version 1, 31/3/2018

Roadmap for a candidate vaccine for brucella

Version 1, 31/3/2018


Roadmap for a candidate vaccine for PRRSV

Version 1, 31/3/2018

Animal Influenzas – OFFLU

An OFFLU Agenda for Influenza Research Priorities in Animal Species (OIE & FAO) was developed in January 2011 and in April 2014 OFFLU and STAR-IDAZ partnered to develop a focused strategic research agenda. Both reports are accessible below.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (GFRA, 2010)

Research Gap Analysis developed by the Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Alliance (GFRA), 2010.

Seven FMD gap analysis review articles were published with open access in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases (2016). The seven article topics are 1) Overview of Global Status and Research Needs, 2) Epidemiology, Wildlife and Economics, 3) Vaccines, 4) Diagnostics, 5) Biotherapeutics and Disinfectants, 6) Immunology, and 7) Pathogenesis and Molecular Biology. To view these articles visit

Animal Influenzas – USDA

Research Gap Analysis on Animal Influenzas developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, March 2014.