Report Type: Report

WP5 Report: Criteria for Priority Setting

WP5 report on the methodology needed to set criteria for priority setting to be used for developing a strategic research agenda for global animal disease research for the next 5 to 15 years. Addresses Milestone MS33

Related INCO & ERA-NETs

International Networks (INCO-NETs & ERA-NETs) Related to STAR-IDAZ


Inventory of Foresight Methodologies and Studies

Work Package 5 report based on the results of the WP5 questionnaire and survey of STAR-IDAZ partners

Analysis of research output in partner countries (2006-2010)

Work Package 2 report based on the STAR-IDAZ Publications Database on infectious diseases in farmed animals


External Communication and Dissemination Strategy

Milestone #5

STAR-IDAZ – Description of Work

Latest version of Annex l to the Grant Agreement (28/4/2011)