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Brucellosis in livestock and wildlife: zoonotic diseases without pandemic potential in need of innovative One Health approaches

(11/09/2017) Understanding transmission patterns at the wildlife/livestock/human interface is of paramount importance before implementing any brucellosis control or eradication programme in animals.

African swine fever: A re-emerging viral disease threatening the global pig industry

(03/01/2018) The continued spread of ASFV in Africa and Europe demonstrates a potential for further spread in other regions of the world.

Risk factors for human brucellosis in Northern Tanzania

(11/12/2017) Risk factors for brucellosis included assisting goat or sheep births and having contact with cattle

Foot-and-mouth disease virus transmission dynamics and persistence in a herd of vaccinated dairy cattle in India

(05/12/2017) This study contributes to a limited body of previously published work describing and modelling FMDV spread and persistence under natural conditions in endemic settings.

Serological evidence for the co-circulation of two lineages of influenza D viruses in equine populations of the Midwest United States.

(14/11/2017) In addition to pigs, cattle, small ruminants and humans, horses are susceptible to this novel Influenza virus

Transmission of African swine fever virus from infected pigs by direct contact and aerosol routes

(November 2017) A European strain of ASFV can be efficiently transmitted via direct contact and by aerosols

Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli in husbandry animals: the African perspective

(07/04/2017) A review highlighting the need for greater regulation in the use of veterinary drugs and the implementation of surveillance programmes in order to decelerate the advance of antimicrobial resistance in Africa.

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR): A neglected tropical disease in Maghreb region of North Africa and its threat to Europe (20/04/2017)

PPR outbreaks in northern Algeria and North-West Morocco highlight that PPRV has spread to the northern border of North Africa and may pose a threat of introduction to Europe.

West Nile virus surveillance in Europe: moving towards an integrated animal-human-vector approach

(04/05/2017) This article describes surveillance and monitoring activities for WNV conducted at national and European levels, and suggests key actions for strengthening collaboration between the public health and veterinary sector.

Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) vaccines in the context of current molecular epidemiology

(06/05/2017) This review highlights current challenges in controlling PCV2 infections.